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The Church will come alive when she breathes.

It’s all about breathing.

No, seriously, it is.

If you were to turn back to the opening pages of the Bible, you would read a story all about
breathing. It’s a story all about life.

In the beginning, God created. In the beginning, God breathed life into humankind.

Inhale. Exhale.

Inspiration. Expiration.

Okay, so those last two words might seem a little odd. They are, however, the technical terms
for breathing in and breathing out. They’re quite fitting when you consider the Church.

Especially when considering the church you lead.

I’ve always imagined that before God breathed into humanity, he took a deep breath. He
inspired. It’s as if he gathered his creative ability–drew it all together–and then unleashed it.

And when he did, life happened.


Breathe In.

When’s the last time you stopped to take a deep breath? When’s the last time you felt inspired?

It’s hard work to be on the edge of burnout. I’m sure it feels easy. It probably felt like you didn’t
have to do anything and you found yourself there; gasping for air, likely.

What happened to your inspiration, though? What happened to the leadership you were
developing? I bet the calling for your life began to feel more like a life sentence.

But is that how it was meant to be?

I can only respond with a resounding NO!

You were called to lead. In fact, you are on a journey to become the leader that you were called
to be. It’s an unparalleled calling. Lead within God’s Church.

That means, if anyone else is to feel inspired by you, you need to first inspire.

You need to breathe in God and his goodness. God and his creativity. God and his inspiration.

If you’re struggling to find it, I want to suggest that you take the next few minutes and write down
your calling. Perhaps you forgot it, perhaps it’s buried under the weight of the task, perhaps you
simply haven’t reminded yourself in a long time.

Write it down.

Go ahead. Do it right now. Remember back to that first flash of excitement.

Do you have it written yet?


My guess is that if you wrote it down it caused you to do one thing: gasp. I know when I think of
my calling, it causes me to take a small inhalation.

It’s that sudden burst of inspiration.

If it didn’t, maybe it’s not really a calling.

If it did, you’re on to something.

Hold on to that paper. Put that written calling somewhere you can see it easily. Put it
somewhere you can see it every day. I have mine written down on a piece of paper, taped to my
desk. It is the single greatest reminder of my calling. When I see it, I do that very thing you just
did; I take in a small, sudden, burst of air.


But if you’re called to lead, you can’t simply hold your breath. You need to breathe out, too.


Breathe Out.

Ah yes, the expiration.

In the beginning, God-breathed. He didn’t just breathe in and hold his breath. He breathed out.
He breathed into humanity. He imparted his inspiration to us.

He gave us creativity. He gave us goodness. He gave us life.

This is what a leader does. Fueled by the inspiration they find in their calling, their inspiration
from God, they breathe out. They pass it along. They lead.

This, my friends, is the inspiration. You inspire others by breathing out.

You breathe life into something that doesn’t have it.

You breathe more life into something that’s coming alive.

In order for your church to come alive, you need to lead. You need to learn to lead better. You
need to learn to develop other leaders. (After all, leaders develop leaders, not followers.)

If you want to take a quick assessment (it’s free) you can see how you’re inspiring and
equipping the people you lead.

More importantly, you’ll see if your church is coming alive.

After all, it’s what God did in the beginning, and it’s what he calls you and me to do, too.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe life.

So, ask yourself one last question: what will you do to breathe life into the Church once more?

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I am a blogger, researcher, and church consultant, here to inspire and empower you to become a better leader and pastor; a leader and pastor that inspires and equips your church to come alive.

I write and speak about how churches can stop wasting time with sideways energy to get back on mission.

And I will inspire you to remember your calling and be proud of it.

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