My Name is Anthony

This is What I Believe About You and the Church…

your calling is mission critical.

your leadership is invaluable.

burnout is a bad word.

time spent at home is better than time wasted in a board meeting.

you are not all things to all people. You are their leader.

people want a leader, not a theologian.

the more you lead, the better your sermons will be.

your leadership is defined by results.

meaningful data can make you a better leader.

you would be happier if your church was healthier.

data can show the way to real church health.

every church can grow, even yours.

churches that sustain growth are healthier.

connections are key to sustained growth.

Connections should be authentic, not forced.

Authentic relationship always trumps politics.

people want to be valued for who they are, not what they can do for you.

leaders develop leaders, not followers.

your church will come alive when you begin to lead.

you deserve my best work, and so does your church.

Let’s Acknowledge the Truth

The Data Doesn’t Lie

Pastors love to lead. You love to lead. In fact, you are motivated to become the best leader you can be. That doesn’t mean it comes easy, though. It doesn’t mean you were trained for it, either. But that’s where I can help. Using data-driven analysis and results, I consult with pastors just like you, to become the leaders you were called to be. Together, let’s help the Church come alive.


Pastors Who Are Motivated to Become a Better Leader


Pastors Who Feel They Are Inadequately Trained to Lead


Pastors Who Feel They Are Excellent at Leadership


Pastors Who Are Most Frustrated By Leadership Challenges

* All statistics taken from Barna Group. (2017). The State of Pastors: How Today’s Faith Leaders are Navigating Life and Leadership in an Age of Complexity.


My Name is Anthony

Anthony Vander Laan

Church Consultant

I am a blogger, researcher, and church consultant, here to inspire and empower you to become a better leader and pastor; a leader and pastor that inspires and equips your church to come alive. I write and speak about how churches can stop wasting time with sideways energy to get back on mission. And I will inspire you to remember your calling and be proud of it. Meanwhile, let’s dialogue on one of the social platforms below.


How I Can Serve &

Support You

Whether it’s a simple blog post or detailed analytics, I’ve got you covered. My goal is to do everything within my power to help you become the leader you were called to be and to inspire and equip your church to come alive. I do that by writing about leadership and church health, researching the Church, and consulting with pastors and church leaders like you. Whatever your need, I’ve got you covered.

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