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Calling. It’s a word that is ubiquitous in the Church.

I will never forget enduring three years of that word in seminary. The seminary I attended had a ‘high view’ of calling. That meant, basically, speaking the word slower, softer, and with a pained expression.

That’s how you drive a point home, right?

I remember, once…

the church was designed to thrive

Inspire & Equip Your Church To Come Alive

The Church will come alive when she breathes.

It’s all about breathing.

No, seriously, it is.

If you were to turn back to the opening pages of the Bible, you would read a story all about breathing. It’s a story all about life.

In the beginning, God created. In the beginning, God breathed life into humankind.

Inhale. Exhale…


How I Can Serve & Support You

Whether it’s a simple blog post or detailed analytics, I’ve got you covered. My goal is to do everything within my power to help you become the leader you were called to be and to inspire and equip your church to come alive. I do that by writing about leadership and church health, researching the Church, and consulting with pastors and church leaders like you. Whatever your need, I’ve got you covered.

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Hi, i’m anthony

I Believe…

  • your calling is mission critical.
  • your leadership is invaluable.
  • burnout is a bad word.
  • time spent at home is better than time wasted in a board meeting.
  • you are not all things to all people. You are their leader.
  • people want a leader, not a theologian.
  • the more you lead, the better your sermons will be.

How I’ve Served

Anthony has the rare ability to discern numbers and statistics in a way that makes sense; he takes the complex and makes it accessible. Since having Anthony work with us at Forest City North Church, we’ve found clarity on how to develop our leadership community, we have a better understanding of how people naturally connect with one another, and we’ve seen a 25% increase in the number of people getting connected. While this is all great, one of the things that I love most about having him help us at Forest City North is his passion to see the Church have a greater impact in our world.

Ron Baker

Pastor, Forest City North Church, London, ON

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